17 Roles Every Best Friend Has To Play

Being a good BFF is a full time job.

The hype man.

The hype man.

Your friend says they’re not feeling it. They’ve got too much work to do, they’re scared their ex might be there, they’re being a lazy bum. Sometimes a best friend knows when their BFF needs to get off their arse and have a good time.


The medical professional.

The medical professional.

Does your best friend have the mother of all hangovers? The sniffles? Or are they just feeling a bit down right now? Whatever the diagnosis BFFs need to know how to cure these ailments ASAP.


The therapist.

The therapist.

This is often the best friend’s most important role. The BFF needs to be able to listen, reflect, and advise. Or sometimes just provide ice cream and company.

Buena Vista Pictures

The wingman.

The wingman.

Whether it’s physically pushing them into that hottie by the bar, or being their plus one to a party on the other side of town, there are times when every BFF needs a helping hand.


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