If Cardiff Nightclubs Had Hidden Terms And Conditions

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the small print.

Sam Haysom / Buzzfeed / Flickr: avlxyz



*Note: It’s at the top of two steep flights of steps, which are manageable when you totter up them at 11pm, but considerably harder when you stumble down them at 2am.

**As in, you can’t physically move because there are SO MANY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

***Which you’ll end up spilling down yourself when someone barges into you, seconds after you leave the bar.

****An awkward, arms-pinned-to-your-sides shuffle. Your best bet is to stick to the outskirts of the dance floor and avoid the very centre. Or just go on a Monday when it’s a bit less busy.

*****Results may vary.

Sam Haysom / BuzzFeed / Flickr: cardiffinternational



*This is the understatement of the year.

**By atmosphere, we don’t mean the vibe or the mood. We mean a genuine, tangible atmosphere, like the ozone layer. But instead of being made up of ozone, Metros’ atmosphere is made up of evaporated sweat, a toilety aroma, and the sickly sweet smell of fluorescent £2 cocktails.

***Like when you used to hide away in your room and air guitar to “Hybrid Theory”, safe in the knowledge that you were better than everyone who liked 5ive.

****The bowels of the city. Basically, someone’s basement. And while it may sound naff, it’s actually awesome because at the end of the night someone at the exit will hand you a slice of buttered toast. Seriously, toast. They give out free toast after midnight. How brilliant is that?

Sam Haysom / BuzzFeed / Twitter: @djlethal

Buffalo Bar

Buffalo Bar

*More hipsters than an east London charity shop.

Sam Haysom / BuzzFeed / Flickr: john_brainlove

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