23 Song Lyrics You’ve Probably Been Singing Wrong For Years

No, TLC wasn’t saying “Jason Waterfalls.”

“Waterfalls” — TLC

"Waterfalls" — TLC

Misheard lyric: “‘Waterfalls’ by TLC. I always thought they were singing, ‘Don’t go JASON Waterfalls’ instead of ‘chasing.’ I was always curious as to who Jason might be!”

Actual lyric: Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls / Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

—Submitted by Kristi Cecil, Facebook

TLCVEVO / Via youtube.com

“Drift Away” – Uncle Cracker

"Drift Away" – Uncle Cracker

Misheard lyric: “The Uncle Cracker song — I always thought it was ‘give me the Beach Boys, and free my soul.'”

Actual lyric: Give me the beat boys and free my soul.

—Submitted by Rachel Epstein, Facebook

Atlantic Records / Via youtube.com

“La Isla Bonita” — Madonna

"La Isla Bonita" — Madonna

Misheard lyric: “Last night I dreamt of soft bagels.”

Actual lyric: Last night I dreamt of San Pedro.

—Submitted by Michelle Soto, Facebook

Warner Bros. Records / Via youtube.com

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